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let's do this together.

In 2016, I ran for this same Senate seat on a platform focused on EDUCATION, HEALTHCARE, and JOBS. Two years later, little has been done in the State Senate to address these key issues which impact FORSYTH and DAVIE counties more than any other issues. Rather, the Senate lost focus on bathrooms and legal battles on election districts.

Two years of distraction rather than action had these results:
  • Forsyth county school performance dropped further.
  • The second closure of a rural community hospital in two years.
  • In 2017, Winston-Salem businesses reported more closures and more employee layoffs to the Department of Commerce than any other city in the State.
Our current Senators did fight for and win new election districts for us. The problem is two Senators fought to be in the SAME District.

Back in 2016, the primary election had two challengers opposing one incumbent. Today in the upcoming 2018 primary, we have one challenger (that's me) opposing TWO incumbents, all from the same political party.

So, I ask you to look at their voting records over the last two years and decide for yourself if you want two more years of the same.

I am Pro-Forsyth, Pro-Davie. Vote for PETER May 8th!

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