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let's do this together.

Congratulations Senator Krawiec on the primary win and Senator Barrett on running a great campaign.

For me, the challenge of competing against TWO incumbent Senators was significant. However, as in 2016, I was able to at least win the cost per vote again. Here are the preliminary numbers which include campaign expenditures up to April 21st (which was the last day of the first quarter financial reports). Note, a considerable amount of additional money has been received and spent between 4/21/2018 and election day, but some of those reports have not been submitted yet. I will update the numbers when they come in and I expect the cost per vote will exceed $10 per vote for at least one of the Senators.
  • Peter - $0.95 per vote
  • Senator Barrett - $1.77 per vote
  • Senator Krawiec - $7.79 per vote

Thank you to all that supported our campaign.

Post with the hashtag #PeterForSenate. We will find your comments and repost the best ones here.

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